For a statement from Peter Newton AO, President of Ryder Cheshire Australia, please go to the Ryder Cheshire Australia page.

From beneficiaries:
Klibur Domin is very important for me because it is a place for treatment, where I receive daily medication and good nutrition in a secure environment.” Bendita, TB patient

Klibur Domin provides me with good nutrition, clean water and medicine. It is a good place for me and the staff look after me as if they were my parents. Thank you!” Jose (16 years old), Multi Drug Resistant TB patient

Klibur Domin is important because it provides treatment to children with physical disability, and provides physiotherapy for my niece every day.” Uncle of Gracia (7 years old), Community Based Rehabilitation client
The following is a reflection from one of Klibur Domin's donors, Fr Burns. Fr. Burns, a Melbourne priest who met Leonard Cheshire while in the Seminary in 1962, has been a dedicated supporter of the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation for more than 50 years.  His generosity of spirit led him personally to finance the cost of the St Damien’s Respite Centre in 2011.
"People the world over are pretty much the same; by instinct we are selfish, when motivated are capable of generosity, even greatness. Nobel Laureate Dr Albert Sweitzer, when asked to explain, said ”many people simply don’t think”. When they do think, they discover that we achieve happiness and meaning for ourselves when we give help and support to the suffering and needs of others. Long ago I was taken by the striking selflessness and generosity of Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire - heroes and celebrities by any measure, totally and happily given to “the relief of suffering" worldwide. Developing an awareness of our own Blessings, and a consciousness of the suffering of others (and our capacity to help them) is a noble step, and it brings its own reward. Those who have contributed to Klibur Domin - donors, volunteers, supporters  all receive a rich dividend: they see healing and loving help, where it had not been. St Damien’s does this for me, and I’m the one enriched. How true the words of St Francis…” it is in giving that we receive.” 

From previous volunteers:
"My time at KD was wonderful. The management and staff are doing a remarkable job supporting the health of their people. I learned so much from the KD community." Andy, former volunteer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would encourage any prospective volunteers to give it a go. The staff at Klibur Domin were very friendly and hospitable. They love having volunteers and I immediately felt like a welcome member of the team."
Nipun, former volunteer

From the CBR Porgram Manager, Gregorio Mendez:
"Klibur Domin is a humanitarian organisation whose vision is to reduce suffering for the sick, disabled and poor without regard for race, religion or age. KD has three important programs: Inpatient service, TB Program and CBR program which work to realise KD’s vision. Through these programs, KD helps those suffering from TB, disability, and other illnesses; KD also helps the community of Tibar by providing a 24-hour emergency service. KD only employs Timorese staff, and works together with other organisations and the Government to achieve the aims of KD’s programs. KD works with transparency and integrity and so has a good reputation.”

From the TB Nurse, Miguel George:
"Klibur Domin is important because of its mission and vision to alleviate suffering in the community, especally for those who are ill and disabled. Often the services of Klibur Domin is the only hope for them... The three programs implemented by Klibur Domin have been regognised and are well-known by the community and the Ministry of Health in Timor-Leste... Klibur Domin is also important because it provides employment for more than 45 people, in a country where there is very high unemployment."

ROTARY involvement with Klibur Domin:

In October 2000, a team of 9 Rotarians led by Alan Shadbolt from D9800, help to restore 18 buildings at KD. This began a relationship that has continued for 13 years. At this time Bill Dagg became the D9800 Donations in Kind (DIK) co-coordinator, responsible for shipping requested goods overseas. Contact was made with Peter Newton & Ian Swann, who became weekly volunteers at DIK for the next 10 years. In this time some 250 Container loads were sorted packed to meet requests in Timor-Leste. Peter and Ian advised on KD’s requirements as it was re-built and expanded and supervised the loading dispatch and receipt of needed items. In November 2001, Bill went to TL to unload two containers and in his then role as ROTARY Southern Region Co-coordinator for Timor-Leste, established the ROTARY Local Officer (LO) in TL position. On his return, the first LO, Chris Trueman (self funded) took up the position until April 2002. The 2nd LO, Tony Devlin then arrived & Bill organized funding via the RC Balwyn D9800. 18 months later, Daryl Mills took over from Tony. Bill, Chris, Tony and Daryl all were accommodated at and greatly assisted by KD. Joaquim Soares, the Director of KD, was inducted into the ROTARY Club of Dili and later became President. Many of the Australian volunteers at KD have attended RC Dili during their time at KD.  In 2012 two teams of R volunteers from Mt Gambier visited and restored the office of the Community Based Rehabilitation and Tuberculosis staff and Mt Gambier are sending another team in May 2013 to restore another building. I am delighted that ROTARY has been able to play a small role in the massive development of the Ryder Cheshire KD, and long may it continue.” Bill Dagg, 1 May 2013