Timor-Leste has one of the highest TB prevalence rates in South-East Asia Region, and the highest TB mortality rate in the world.

Klibur Domin's TB Program provides treatment for more than 50 people every day, and each year we treat about 6000 peopled. 

Klibur Domin also supports people with disabilities, particularly children, in their communities. A mobile rehabilitation team has identified about 100 children with disabilities who are receiving support from Klibur Domin in their villages. Children receive medical treatment, physio and occupational therapy from the mobile team or can stay at the St Damien’s Respite Centre at Klibur Domin for a few weeks for more intensive treatment. Wheelchairs, ramps and other equipment are provided for the children’s homes, and many now attend school, having been unable to do in the past.

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